Ether Frolic

from by Clawjob



You are cordially invited to the ether frolic.
Please accept our invitation.
One bladder of sweet vitriol will be provided.
Please confirm your reservation.

There's nothing sinister:
Nitrous oxide will be administered
At the ether frolic.

Sophisticated gentlemen will be attending.
It's a group hallucination.
Experience the very height of modern science
With this wondrous inhalation.

Bring your shrewish wife.
Live the easy life at the ether frolic.

Come along on a journey to Byzantium,
In the nether regions of the cranium.
High above the pleasure dome of Xanadu,
Earthly worries softly drip away from you.

There's something that I couldn't help noticing:
When I cut myself I can't feel a thing.
The most wonderful sensation I'm experiencing:
When I cut myself I can't feel a thing.


from Manifest Destiny, released August 12, 2008




Clawjob Boston, Massachusetts

Clawjob was a concept-rock band that released two super fucking awesome albums that belong on every shelf in the galaxy. The members of Clawjob are now in Hex Map.

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